3/24/14 THW SUMMER I DIED has been optioned by Riothouse Films! Bill Moseley (The Devils Rejects, Texas chainsaw Massacre II) has signed on as the lead villian!

3/22/14 My newest novel, HISSERS 2: DEATH MARCH, is out now in paperbak and ebook

7/22/13 My newest novel, BUGBOY, is out now in limitded hardback from Thunderstorm Books

7/22/13 My short story GINSU GARY is out now in Splatterpunk Zine 3

8/31/12 SCRAPS & CHUM, my short story collection, is now on Kindle. OR, get it for FREE at Goodreads.com

7/02/11 RATINGS GAME and MALCONTENTS now on Kindle for low prices!

7/02/11 Audible Books' ZombieFest phase II has begun. Click the banner for more info!

4/15/11--Kindle version of BORN TO BLEED now available! Paperback arriving in a week.

3/7/11--HISSERS, my new novel from Permuted Press,is getting ready to land. It will be released as an aduio book from Audible Books first, followed by paperback and ebook editions

12/08/10--ALIEN ABERRATIONS featuring my story The Kleptos will be available in Dec from Grand Mal Press.

5/17/10--ZOMBIE ZOOLOGY is now available!

2/12/10--my story TWO DAYS BEFORE THE END OF THE WORLD has sold to the Zombie Zoology from Severed Press.

1/29/10--Got word that Permuted is going to start editing my new novel, HISSERS, very shortly. Hopefully this book will be out by late Spring.

12/05/09--New interview with me up at The Black Glove ezine.

9/11/09--Coscom Entertainment has released my mashup, The Undead World of Oz.

7/13/09--Coscom Entertainment is releasing a 2nd edition of The Summer I Died with a new cover and introduction by the acclaimed Cody Goodfellow.

5/13/09--Dead Science is now available. Order it at any online retailers. Here's the Amazon link: HERE

5/05/09--The latest issue of Rue Morgue had some very nice things to say about Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror: "While there is a pulpiness to the tales, the entertainment factor is surprisingly high and a few of the stories are flat out excellent."

5/05/09-- Coscom Entertainment's new anthologyDEAD SCIENCE will contain my new short story, "The Valace Standard." It should be available for purchase in the next few weeks.

2/13/09--DreadMedia Podcast interviews me HERE.

1/22/09--DreadMedia Podcast reviews The Summer I Died. I've taken the liberty of truncating the review but please give their podcasts a listen here.

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