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Most of my books are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format. If you are looking for something you don't see here, please let me know. I will happily sign and ship paperback copies. Please contact me for details.

The Summer I Died

Dubbed one of "The Most Intense Horror Novels" ever written by many horror review sites, The Summer I Died is the first book in the Roger Huntington saga and has been optioned for film.

When Roger Huntington comes home from college for the summer and is met by his best friend, Tooth, he it's going to be a summer full of beer, comic books, movies, laughs, and maybe even girls. The sun is high and the sky is clear as Roger and Tooth set out to shoot beer cans at Bobcat Mountain. Just two friends catching up on lost time, two friends thinking about their futures . . . two friends suddenly thrust into the middle of a nightmare. Forced to fight for their lives against a sadistic killer. If they are to survive, they must decide: are heroes born, or are they made?


"A tense, bloody ride!" - Brian Keene, author of THE RISING



Born to Bleed is the exciting sequel to the cult classic, The Summer I Died! It's been ten years since Roger Huntington suffered through the bloody events in Skinny Man's basement. Ten years since the game of chance, the dismemberment, the torture, and the grisly deaths. Roger has moved to California where he now works as a painter and pines after his co-worker, Victoria. It's a seemingly bland life, which is how he likes it. But just as he can't forget his past, he is about to discover that his future may hold far more terrifying events than anything he could possibly imagine.


"The Summer I Died and Born To Bleed are both excellent examples of hard-hitting, relentless horror!" -



In the small town of Castor, it’s the last weekend of summer break. In just two days four teenage friends will begin their high school careers. Dating, who to sit with at the lunch table, and what to wear seem to be the most important decisions facing them. But as Connor, Seth, Amanita and Nicole venture to the most popular end-of-summer high school party in town, they soon discover there are even more important decisions to be made. Namely, how to outrun the massive wave of mutated undead that have suddenly crashed the party.

“Fresh, bold and frightening!”
—J.L. Bourne, author of DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON

“One of the best stories I’ve read this year... equal parts touching, compelling and gruesome.”
—Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of THE REACH and SPARROW ROCK



When a plane crashed in the quaint town of Castor, it unleashed a virus that turned everyone into hissing, blood-thirsty, undead monsters. Monsters that could transmit their plague in seconds, that could run as fast as dogs, and that could fuse themselves together to create massive mutated beasts. Four teens—Connor, Seth, Amanita, and Nicole—fought for their lives to secure vital data from the plane wreckage, some of them making the ultimate sacrifice. Now they need to get to San Diego with their secret, but the plague is spreading too fast. They have no friends or family, nowhere to hide, and death lurks behind every corner. Worse, the hissers are evolving, and it may be impossible to stop them at all.


“A unique approach to the walking dead…I promise that you'll love it.” —



When the Beaudette mining company blows open a mountain deep in the Congo, they release something that puts man on the bottom of the food chain. Salticids, more commonly known as jumping spiders, mutated and enlarged to staggering sizes through millennia of underground chemical anomalies. With eight massive legs, eyes that can see 360 degrees, and the ability to leap thousands of feet at once, there is no escaping these dangerous hunters.


"Thomas builds and drives tension like a screaming nightmare in broad daylight!"

- Cody Goodfellow, author of ALL-MONSTER ACTION!



CIA analyst Rhonda White has just received her first field assignment--find out who the strange man is hanging around known arms dealers in New York City. The closer Rhonda gets to the truth, the more she uncovers mysteries and horrors that go beyond her understanding. Why does everyone the man comes in contact with end up dead? More importantly, why do they come back a day later, covered blood and gore, wielding guns and knives, murdering people in broad daylight? What is the white powder being sold on the black market, and how does its existence threaten the very safety of people all around the world?


"Enemy Unseen is the absolute stand-out story...that renders the old-fashioned voodoo zombie completely terrifying again." - ZombieFictionReview




A collection of (mostly) previously unpublished stories by award-winning journalist and cult horror author Ryan C. Thomas. From zombies to monsters to ghosts and more, Thomas weaves unique tales that will send a chill up your spine. (Please note the EXPANDED PRINT EDITION contains 5 stories not in the ebook version)

"Thomas' collection hooks you from the first story, leaves you shaking and vomiting, and all you want is more!" - Bryan Killian, author of Welcome to Necropolis​


Move over King Kong, there are new monsters in town! Giant beetles, towering crustaceans, gargantuan felines and massive underwater beasts, to name just a few. Think you've got what it takes to survive their attacks? Then open this baby up, and join today's hottest authors as they show us the true power of Mother Nature's creatures. With enough fangs, pincers and blood to keep you up all night, we promise you won't look at creepy crawlies the same way again.


"A remarkable anthology of heart-pounding tales that knocks man off the top of the food chain!"

- Josh Gates, host of the Sci Fi Channel's Destination Truth








Features my novella, WITH A FACE OF GOLDEN PLEASURE, a story about what happens when all the Earth's water disappears. Also included in the book are 3 other novellas by John Sunseri, R. Thomas Riley, and D.L. Snell.


"This is easily the hardest-hitting story in the book: nothing on Earth can survive without water. Period."

- Shroud Magazine








Roland Stone and Doug Hardwood are New York City's top news anchors. Trusted, respected, revered among the media's who's who. In their profession, it's all about getting the exclusive. Whoever gets the viewers gets the advertisers. It's all money in the end. With their stations neck to neck in the ratings, and the threat of hipper, younger anchors waiting to take their places, each knows they must come up with a juicy story to save their job. Suddenly, a horrific murder rocks the airwaves, and Roland Stone has the inside story. But great minds think alike, and it's just mere hours before Doug Hardwood is reporting on the work of a different serial killer. Over night, New York City becomes a haven for two of the most inventive serial killers ever to walk the streets, each bent on getting more press than the other. Two desperate news anchors. One city. A whole lot of bloodshed. Story at eleven.

"A fiendishly entertaining dark comedy!" — Jeff Strand, author of PRESSURE








One day, on a peaceful farm in Kansas, a tornado appeared. The storm raged and ripped the house from the ground. Inside sat a little girl named Dorothy and her dog Toto. The house spun. The winds roared. The tornado showed no mercy, until . . . The house landed in a strange and magical land called Oz. But that's where the fairytale ends and the nightmare begins. The Wicked Witch of the West has cast a spell on the Land of Oz, a spell that brings the dead back to life. Only the Great Wizard in the Emerald City can stop this curse, but he has never been seen. It's up to Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Woodman to journey through this dangerous land of hungry undead and savage monsters and find him in the hopes of bringing life back to Oz. Come join hands with them as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road and see if you can make it to the Emerald City . . . alive.


"UNDEAD WORLD OF OZ is a lot of fun . . . I actually cheered!" —








Twenty-five-year-old Wilson has autism. He likes bugs and can tell you everything about every species he sees. When the people nearest and dearest to him start getting murdered, Rhode Island detectives Artie Furtado and Dick Cook suspect there might be more to Wilson than meets the eye. To find out the truth they’ll have to dig into his past, and his future. Is he killing people? Or is there something far more nefarious at work?


"Thomas may be the next big name in extreme horror!"  -










In the late 1800s, deep in the woods of a small New England town, something is called forth for the purposes of revenge and death. Something evil, something blodthirsty, something unstoppable. Now, what has lain dormant for over a century has been released on four unsuspecting teens trying to enjoy a quiet weekend alone. All they want to do is watch some movies and play some games. But their fun is cut short, and what starts as a series of strange and unsuspecting events soon turns into a bloodbath in which no one is safe. Hunter, Josh, Gemma and Kailyn have only hours to figure out how to survive, because the Hobbomock is getting closer, and if it feeds, the world will never be the same.


"Ryan C. Thomas is one of my new favorite writers!"  - Brian Keene, author of Pressure










Roger Huntington has made his way to Berlin where he is on the hunt for a notorious serial killer who’s eluded capture for years. With the help of some new friends, and the element of surprise on his side (for once), Roger just might be able to save the day before anything goes wrong. 

But that wouldn’t be Roger’s life now, would it? 
Turns out his new friends might not be who they say they are, the killer may be onto him, and the benefactor who brought him to Berlin could be hiding deadly secrets that will get everybody killed . . . unless Roger can figure out what the hell’s going on before it’s too late. 


"Scars of the Broken is an expertly-crafted mixture of suspense, gore, and humor!"



The Earth’s water is suddenly disappearing. Oceans, lakes, rivers, reservoirs . . . all of it gone in days, without any explanation. People are scared, lost and thirsty, knowing they only have days left to survive. It’s up to Cameron, a Southern California slacker, to save his estranged wife and child during one of the strangest apocalyptic scenarios of all time, and see if he can solve the mystery of why the most important life-sustaining element on the planet has vanished like a magic trick. 


"This is easily the hardest-hitting story!" - Shroud Magazine



It’s snowing like crazy in Chicago on a bad day for mob brothers Mallory and Kelly. They’re the kind of guys people move aside for, if they know what’s what. Makes no difference to the brothers what the weather does, though. It’s just another day, just one more body on the floor. At least it was, ’til everyone started gunning for them. Who’d want to kill them? They’re nice guys. That ain’t the worst of it, either. It’s not just the mob out for their blood. A giant Viking is trying to take their heads off, which is odd. Throw in a bag full of glowing wood, an Irish sword-wielding hitman, and a junkie femme fatale, and it’s not just a bad day, it’s the worst. When night falls, though, it’s not only blood staining the snowy city streets. The ice itself is turning red and whatever comes after worst…?

This is definitely that.


"A fantasy/horror plot that could not be more original!" - NYT bestselling author, Allan Leverone



A new collection of dark stories by award-winning journalist and cult horror author Ryan C. Thomas. From a man who thinks he’s being followed by evil entities, to a father fighting against nature to save his daughter, to a woman who discovers the evil effects of time travel, Thomas weaves unique tales that will have you sleeping with the lights on. Also included in this edition are three previously unreleased stories of madness and the macabre.


"Thomas delivers a nasty dose of gory fun!" - B Movies and Ebooks

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