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It's 2017!

I just wanted to add a little post here about my most recent works, in case you missed them. Grand Mal Press released two new anthologies featuring horror writers from San Diego. Each volume contains 6 stories from great authors. My story The River Kings appears in the first one, my story Deputy Christmas is in the second. Click the links to purchase copies of San Diego Horror Professionals Volume 1 and Volume 2 .

Also, very cool news from Germany! The Summer I Died was purchased by Festa Verlag for an all new German edition. These guys make quality books and I'm honored to be among their incredibly popular authors, such as Dan Simmons, Brad Thor, Brian Keene, Robert McCammon, and so many more. If you read German, or if you just want a really cool international copy of The Summer I Died, get yourself a copy HERE.

I am busy at work on Hissers 3 and hope to have it done by summer. Other than that, I'm working on some short stories and other book ideas. Unfortunately, I don't have any news on the movie. The newest contract is up in a couple months, so I'll report back then if nothing happens.

Happy new year!

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