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RED ICE RUN coming soon!

My newest novel, Red Ice Run, has been picked up by Thunderstorm Books! It will be released in a few months (sorry, don't have an official date yet). I co-wrote Red Ice Run with one of my favorite authors, Craig Saunders. Please do yourself a favor and check out Craig's other novels; he doesn't disappoint.

RED ICE RUN answers the age-old question of what happens when ghost Vikings, the mafia, Nordic demons, Irish ninjas, and two fuck-up criminal brothers collide on the icy sheets of Chicago’s Great Lakes.

The novel is full of blood and guts and dark humor, and combines elements of horror and crime thrillers to tell the story of two brothers who think they’re stealing a bag of money from neighborhood gangsters, only to find out there isn’t money in the bag, but something far more deadly. It isn’t long before heads roll, bodies pile up, and blood flows on the ice of a deadly winter storm brought on by the forces of evil.

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